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We believe growing food for self and others is an act of rebellion!


Project Grow provides plants and growing support to community growing groups to produce food for their local communities, food banks, food pantries and projects. 

We collaborate with a wide range of other community growers, community projects and brands to campaign for growing, good food and the power of mother nature on our health, wellbeing, place and planet. 


We grow seasonal food grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides and any other chemicals. ​We only use peat-free soil, grow in raised and no-dig beds and ensure we follow mother natures seasonal cycle.

If you are a community project, organisation or charity and would like access to plants to turn into community food next year or to collaborate with us please email us.

Plant Nursery

do you grow food
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our story.

Born out of the pandemic we started out as Flower & Herb an urban garden food project providing flowers & herbs to local businesses, however red tape and COVID put a stop to that. So we pivoted and evolved into a not-for-profit social enterprise and our focus ever since has been serving the community.

Growing, gardening and giving plants and food to the community is the greatest therapeutic tool there is and we quickly morphed into a therapeutic horticulture (STH) project providing a space for people to heal and grow for the people around them. We realised Flower & Herb no longer fitted our philosophy and we became Project Grow.

We currently grow plants - food, herbs & flowers for the community distributing this via the many food banks, pantries, community kitchens and community organisations. We continue to grow people providing training, masterclasses and well being workshops on growing and its many benefits and finally we help other projects in designing and building well being and community food projects in and around Gloucestershire. 

In 2023 to celebrate the collaboration between the RHS and Project Grow we  teamed up with The Motherhood Society to launch GROWFEST Cheltenham. As part of the RHS season of summer support, Project Grow created some bespoke plant labels which you can attach to your spare seedlings and plants. Use the pre-filled or blank labels HERE to help share the power of plants – together, we can form strong social connections and create a sense of belonging in our environment and community.


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